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Led by a team of expert coaches, XCL Academies provide Sri KDU students with regular, specialist training in the sport of their choice

Sports academies for every child

At Sri KDU Subang Jaya and Kota Damansara

The XCL Academy is an exciting programme of sports and activities which launched in 2023. The Academies provide children with specialist coaching, training and competition to further their skills in the sport of their choice.

Sessions take place during evenings and weekends, and are conducted only by qualified and professionally trained coaches.

Our curricula adopt a common core approach to help all students not only optimise personal potential, but also take their sporting talent and mentality to the elite level.

Academies are open to students of all abilities with coaches working with students individually to ensure their needs are met and potential is achieved.


Develop fundamental basketball skills as well as knowledge of rules and tactics with coaching by KL Lightning


Refine badminton skills, improve gameplay and develop tactics with sessions for experienced players by Shuttle Suites

Christmas Volleyball Competitions

4 weeks of Christmas themed Dodgeball competitions, taking place on Saturday mornings!


Led by skilled coaches from top-tier volleyball teams, this academy is designed for experienced players

Adult Swimming

Dive into a world of aquatic confidence and skill-building with our Parent Community Swimming Classes

Adult Mat Pilates

Embark on a journey of balance, strength and mindfulness with mat pilates classes for all levels

Academy partners

All of our academies are delivered by best-in-class instructors that have been carefully vetted and proven through experience working with them over this.

This is done to ensure that our students have access to the best teaching in the chosen sports and activities.

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